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Sutter Family

What's going on in California?

It's Been A While

I have to admit that the original site was built so many years ago… and technology has changed that it a bit comical that the site actually worked!

Let’s update our place on the ‘web’ so everyone in the Sutter Family can enjoy what goes on over here in California and also follow us in our classic FamBams.

We love comments, suggestions or whatever might be on your mind. 

Fam Bam in the UK – 2015

Back in 2015, we had a wonderful but short time visiting Edinburgh. on the train ride back to London, this video was shot with my iPhone. In a little more than four minutes long, you will see the countryside from Scotland to London. Fun stuff!


Carvoeiro, Portugal

‘There is nothing more special than to have ‘quality’ family time.  At first when we all lived together, it was easier to plan a trip, pick a date and a location and boom… there we were! We have had our ‘go to’ destinations:  Sunriver, Hawaii, Tahoe, Disneyland – places that we have enjoyed multiple times and perfect for really good times!

Now that we have gotten a bit older with responsibilities that exist with jobs, choices for where to live and relationships. This is what life is all about right! There is nothing wrong with a trip to Central Oregon for a vacation. Let’s face it, we make vacations special – not just the destination.

We want to use this space to rediscover the moments that we have shared together and give y’all a glimpse into Sutter Fam Bams!

Just like the title states: Get Ready for some fun,