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Debbie and Rick

Humble Beginnings

Those were the days

I was born at UCLA hospital in Westwood, CA on a hot Tuesday in August. I was told that it was the first day the Medical Center opened and that the sheets were covered with thick plastic. My mom mentioned that it didn’t bother her too much because it didn’t take too long for me to be part of a big world. My Sister Debbie was born up at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley in January of ’53.  We ended up moving to Los Angeles mainly because our father had gotten a great job at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in one of the nicest restaurants in all of California.  

Our mom worked for Bank of America as a Head Teller which was located at Wilshire and LaBrea just down the road from where we lived. I can remember a great hamburger/hotdog place that was close to the bank that occasionally we would go to. 
Debbie and would go to the local Catholic School which was about a mile from where we lived in a small duplex at the end of a court. Here I learned to ride a bike with the help of my big sister, learned to appreciate Rock and Roll music by our babysitter and I had an appreciation for late night sightings of Goldie and Ruby along with the occassional threats by our mother to get to sleep!

A Time in the Life of Debbie

Debra Anne Sutter

Life in Albany, Los Angeles, El Cerrito and Beyond

January, 1953

Here is Albert Reichsrath, Grand Father of Debbie on the doorstep of their home on Talbot Avenue in Albany, CA

Proud Mom

Norma Sutter with Debbie on a nice morning in Albany, CA with Debbie as a little baby!

Baby Debbie

Look how BIG I am! Getting close to Easter as Mom shows off her sweet daughter.

Toys and more toys

It must have been fun to spoil your first child. 

Backyard fun

Mom and Debbie in the backyard in Albany

Always a smile

Mom and Debbie having a fun time 

Proud Grandfather!

Albert and Mom with Debbie in La Honda, CA. This was where the Hoglund cabin was and was LOVED by the whole family!

Dinner time!

Eating is always a special part of the day. Then again, maybe putting Debbie in a high chair made it easier to not always have to hold her!


‘There is nothing more special than to have ‘quality’ family time.  At first when we all lived together, it was easier to plan a trip, pick a date and a location and boom… there we were! We have had our ‘go to’ destinations:  Sunriver, Hawaii, Tahoe, Disneyland – places that we have enjoyed multiple times and perfect for really good times!

Now that we have gotten a bit older with responsibilities that exist with jobs, choices for where to live and relationships. This is what life is all about right! There is nothing wrong with a trip to Central Oregon for a vacation. Let’s face it, we make vacations special – not just the destination.

We want to use this space to rediscover the moments that we have shared together and give y’all a glimpse into Sutter Fam Bams!

Just like the title states: Get Ready for some fun,